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Integration - the ongoing trend

I was recently reminded of an Ardent research study on Legal Tech trends for 2015. Published in July, we can now review thoughts on how accurate these ideas were for 2015.

Of wider interest, is the third point stated in their summary, applicable to all industries and not just legal:

Integration and Collaboration of Legal Software and Devices

As legal software infiltrates the market, the need for collaboration and integration of products and devices is of utmost importance. ... As lawyers increasingly work from multiple devices, platforms and apps, it is important for law firms to work closely with their IT departments to avoid inherent compatibility and cyber security risks.

Here at Linex we have been seeing the increase in this trend for several years. The issue is not just compatibility but also - and mainly - user experience. Users - clients - rightly want to use features from various different tools and platforms in order to build the most effective outcomes for their own practices. This means ensuring their different products communicate, collaborate and integrate to allow them a simple and seamless workflow.

If you are a buyer, talk to your account reps about integration options for improving your user experience.

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