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Insightly for insight

The quest for the number one CRM and Project Management system never ends. Nor do I expect it to: I expect for there always to be something better just around the corner. What we want in these systems is both simplicity and power, not a simple balance to achieve.

My latest fun in this realm has been using Insightly, a web-based, small-business targeted platform.

Insightly has sections for your Contacts, Projects, Opportunities and Organisations. The interface is, as we expect it to be, simple and requires minimal learning. Your initial set up is simplified by the fact that you can import lists of various sorts into the platform. Each section allows you to add notes, tasks, events and files against the record, and you can connect social media links against organisations and contacts.

This is all pretty standard functionality, which is well used on Insightly. There are a couple additional features I like in particular. One, similar to what I like about Asana, is the endless connections between objects. Any project, contact, task, organisation and opportunity can be connected to any other, without limits. When creating the connection you are also given a free-text field to describe the connection. In certain cases templates are offered, for example: connecting two organisations allows you to determine if one is a supplier to another, a parent company, affiliated with and more.

The other great point on Insightly is the history. Every action, addition and changed is tracked in your history. And each object has a History tab showing you all the actions taken against that record.

I am sure I have only scratched the surface with Insightly, and any users out there with more to add, please feel free.


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