How to succeed in revalidating a CILIP chartership in a non-library environment?

May 14, 2019
Clare Brown

At first glance it can be a challenge to revalidate your library chartership when your role is not within a traditional academic, government, or public environment. A recent blogpost by our professionally qualified Topic Specialist looks at some of the creative ways you can reap the benefits of revalidation.

Clare says,

“More than ever we need to think critically about the way we - as library and information people - can advise, manage, and direct the issues facing us. So-called ‘old fashioned library skills’ count more than ever.”

“Whether this is debunking the AI hype (it’s so over), the need for ethical considerations in machine learning (a must), training computers to apply consistency of metadata (they can’t), identifying misinformation and fake news (we can), summarization v abstracting (why), and the importance of labels and taxonomies (don’t get me started), all are Librarianship Skills 1.1.”

“We live in times when the world is depending on a group of self-motivated, critical thinkers to stay on top of our library CPD!”

Read Clare's full article here: Is library CPD still relevant if you don’t work in a library environment?