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Google Keep

Not too long ago I was wondering if Google Drive could replace Evernote. It can not, of course, as a like-for-like service. But depending on how you use Evernote it can offer a new way to do things, which I have found successful.

What I did not consider at the time, however, was the role of Google Keep. I have often seen this listed as a possible alternative to Evernote. I am not sure it really is in the same category, but it is worth considering if you are exploring this general type of app.
Google Keep is a great solution for quick and simple note-taking. This is when you need to jot something down before you forget it, or keep reminders or information nearby for quick reference.

Lifehacker points out that this does not make it an alternative to Evernote, but a tool in its own right. Again: it probably depends on how you use Evernote, although the view is a correct one. Keep is not trying to be the full comprehensive system that Evernote is.

Keep will not, for example, allow you to have a note and checklist in one, you choose one or the other.

On the other hand access to your notes is immediate. Creating new notes is a one-click operation, and the color coding and simple lay out make for quick access.

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