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Lucas Frost

Lucas Frost

Lucas is a bit of a mongrel: half German/English, he grew up on a winery in Portugal, where a love for food, music and languages flourished. After studying Human Geography at Durham he left for Berlin to try his luck on the music scene, and gradually fell into the wine trade for a while. A Third Culture Kid par excellence, Lucas enjoys London’s international vibe and is fascinated by the flow of information across cultures. He employs some of his Germanic thinking to manage Operations at Vable - yet still fancies himself a Rock ’n’ Roller at heart…

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“What do you Actually Do?” 3 Analogies to Illustrate the Information Professional’s Work

Most people can picture what “a Librarian” is, remembering them as the guardians of books at school or university. And yet, there are some Librarians who do something more specific; they occupy such a narrow niche that they rarely enter the public consciousness. So as a Law Librarian or Information Professional, how do you explain your job to people outside your field?

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