Gain Time through Automation

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Automate the monitoring, gathering, indexing and sharing of information from public and subscription news sources.

You can add any information source from any of your publishers, whether it is premium content, RSS feeds, websites, email attachments or even your company’s own files.

There are 50 alerts for which we hand-pick the content. We used to build these manually. Someone would check all the source websites for stories, then put them into an email (...) it used to take four hours. Now it takes half an hour.

Sarah Brittan, Baker & McKenzie

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Automate your content aggregation

Save time and resources by automating the aggregation of all external content your users require. Our platform can crawl any website, manage any RSS feed as well as handle all your incoming emails from your subscription sources.

Monitor government and regulatory bodies, your clients, your panel firms and even your competitors. Take advantage of over 13,000 public sources already added to our platform, as well as being able to add your own.

Whether you are a law firm or in-house legal team, we can automate the aggregation of all your current awareness and competitive intelligence into a single searchable index. Imagine having a single place to go to access all your information streams – wherever it comes from, and however it is provided. Sound impressive?

For the techies among you – we can crawl multiple levels deep and access your subscription content behind logins (so long as the publisher consents).


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